Mega Forest Products and Wooden Pallet Industry started its commercial activities in 2015 within Mega Export & Import company. It was established on a total area of 8000 m² to meet the need for wooden pallets required for the production line of concrete machines following the principle of reduced cost – quality product. In line with this philosophy, Mega Forest Products and Wooden Pallet Industry have succeeded in becoming a leading and rapidly growing organization in the sector thanks to supplying raw materials from the source and using the latest technology machines in the production line.

Mega Forest Products and Wooden Pallet Industry, which constantly improves itself in line with the feedback it receives from customers and is innovative with the correct processing methods used in the production line, has attracted the attention of machine manufacturers operating in the concrete sector in a short time and caused them to preferred Mega Pallets. In addition, producing pallets at affordable prices thanks to our selection of the right quality and stocked raw materials has enabled us to be preferred in 52 countries around the world. Some of the pallet models we produce are listed below

The success achieved by Mega Forest Products and the Wooden Pallet Industry in the production of concrete paver stone and block machine pallets is attributed to the experienced team we have and a management approach that is customer-oriented and focused on efficiency.

The company continues to maintain its pioneering status in the industry with its strong administrative and financial structure, closely following innovations and developments. Using certified quality raw materials in the production of wooden pallets and committing to deliver them on the promised date are fundamental principles for us.

Our company, which has been growing steadily since its establishment with the characteristics of professionalism, honesty, innovation, and market development, will continue to be the main factors that increase our value in the wooden pallet production industry.


We always produce and will continue to produce the best for our customers, based on the philosophy of quality products, secure trade, and satisfied customers. As the Mega Forest Products family, we continue our work with all our energy, the latest technology, and high knowledge accumulation, in line with our understanding of quality. Our happy customer portfolio using pallets belonging to Mega Forest Products from all over the world is proof of this.


As a requirement of our philosophy of providing high-quality products, safe shopping, and happy customers, we have adopted the principle of protecting our customers’ rights and standing by them. We offer the highest quality service in logistics, shipping to anywhere in the world as quickly as possible, and providing 24/7 customer support. It is feasible to monitor the production of the pallets that have been ordered in real-time. If any issues arise after the product delivery due to defects, our proficient team and service staff will prioritize providing immediate solutions that are result-oriented to eliminate any possible business losses.

Veysel BEYAZLI – The Chairman of the Board

Monitor The Production Of Your Orders In Real-Time.

It is possible to monitor via the IP address given to our customers after the approved agreement.